Sundra Arumugamji

He is a staunch devotee of Jegatguru Shree Raghavendra Swamigal and conducts poojas on every alternate Thursdays and the Annual Aaraathanai Festival at the Malaysian Aruloli Mandram, Ipoh.

The knowledge to conduct poojas was based from the teachings of  Shivashri A.P. Muthukumara Shivacharyar of Malaysia.

His visits to Manthralayam strengthens his spiritual knowledge and above all the Divine grace and blessings
of  Guru Raghavendra gave him more confidence to perform the poojas. He also compiled and published a book on bajans and articles of Guru Raghavendra in conjuction with the 330th Annual Aaraathanai festival in 2001.

Searching for a Divine Guru to guide and enlighten his spiritual path, in 1986 he found himself engrossed in the movie of Shree Raghavendra Swamigal of Mantralayam, where he totally  surrendered himself to the Lotus Feet of the living Saint. He was very deeply moved by the teachings and philosophy of the Guru.

In the year 2000 he visited the Moola Brindavan in Mantralayam and performed an Araathi in front of the Guru.
He felt a very strange vibration in his body and the happiness within him could not be expressed in words.After leaving Mantralayam, he visited Jolarpet in Vellore. There he was blessed with a pair of Lotus Feet, placed on his head by the staunch devotee Balrajji at his residence. At that moment he felt it was the greatest gift and as if it was the Saint of Mantralayam's instruction to Balarajji.