Shree Narasimha with Shree Prahlada

The Moolavirat is that of Ashta Bahu Narasimha ( having eight hands ) after having cleaved Hiranyakasipu and transformimg into a more protecting persona with Prahlada standing beside him with folded hands.

Shree Vyasaraja Tirtha

Shree Vyasaraja Tirtha did his studies in philosophy at Kanchi and also under Shree Paadaraja Tirtha at Mulabagal. Under the direction of Shree Paadraja Tirtha, the Saluva king Narasimha honored Shree Vyasa Tirtha and made him Rajaguru. Thereafter, he came to be known as Shree Vyasaraja Tirtha.

Shree Raghavendra Swami with Panchamukhi Anjaneya

Shree Raghavendra Swami studied yajur veda, maNimanjari, and anumadhvavijaya at Madurai.His powers of meditation were shown when his water from doing sandyAvandan happened to fall on a dry seed, which sprouted. He also developed an expertise in playing the Veena, so he became known as Veena Venkata Bhatta.