The auspicious Boomi Pooja of Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal took place on the 9th.April,2009 (Thursday Guru Poornima) from 10.30 am.until 12.15pm.
The pooja was held on the sacred land of the Guru where the Miruthiga Brindavanam is going to be constructed.

According to our Hindu Sastras the first pooja was Ganapathy Homa with prayer to Lord Vinayaga to seek his blessings in all our undertakings.
Secondly comes the Navagraha Homa to appease the Grahas or Planets from hindering us during the construction.
Thirdly, the "Prevasa Pali Pooja" was performed to appease the various beings that resides on the vacant land.Sacrifices were offered by cutting the "Kalyana Poosanigai Fruit".
This Pooja will replace these beings with the various devas known Astha Dikbalagars.
Lastly, the "Vasthu Shaanti Pooja" was conducted with offerings and sacrifices to ensure that Lord Vasthu will favour us in all our efforts towards the construction.Those devotees who came to witness the "Boomi Pooja" were given the Guru's Miruthiga to put in the Homa Kundam.  

Project Brindavanam.
This is the First Miruthiga Brindavanam to be built on a vacant land in Malaysia.
This remarkable "Brindavanam" stands for "Sathya and Dharma".
As the Guru's sayings goes "My Brindavanam shall Bless and Speak when you need me". This 'Brindavanam' will be yours, ours and mine,therefore togother we will help to build it.
We will pass our hats to each and everyone to make this "Project Brindavanam" a success,so each of us can be proud to be 'A Miruthiga Brindavanam Builder'.
Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal will certainly reward those who generously donate towards his 'Brindavanam.  

Jegathguru Sri Ragavendra Swamigal Miruthiga Birundhavanam Society, wishes all it's devotees and friends a Happy 2009 New Year.
May Sri Ragahvendra Swamigal, shower's his blessings on each and everyone.

As for the upcoming New Year 2009, our society will be conducting Poojas, every Thursday at Arul Oli Mandram Ipoh. 

The Poojas will be carried out as following;

- First Thursday of the month : Guru Pooja, Holy Scripts and Mahimei.
- Second Thursday of the month ; Guru Pooja and Bhajans.

- Third Thursday Of the month : Guru Pooja, Holy Scripts and Mahima.

- Fourth Thursday of the month : Yoga and Meditation.

 We wish that the devotees will be able to participate in the above activities."


The Formation of the Society
In the year 2001, a group of Raghavendra Devotees set up a pro tem committee headed by Guru Paatha Shevaga Arumugam Sunthararajoo. The society was named Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal Miruthiga Brindavanam Kinta, Perak.

Special visitors from Manthralayam & Tamil Nadu on 16.03.01.
The Author of Sri Raghavendra Mahimai Book , Thiru Amman Sathyanathan of Chennai, Thiru D.Balraj of Jolarpet, Vellore and the descendant of the Guru Parambara Shriman Krishna Kundacharya of Mantralayam visited Ipoh. We had a Special Pooja of the Guru at Malaysia Aruloli Mandram Ipoh. We were very happy that this very 1st Pooja was conducted by the descendant of Guru Parambara. Amman Sathyananthan in his speech said that a powerful Miruthiga Birundavanam will be built in Ipoh. All devotees accepted his words as if Guru Raghavendra Swamigal himself uttered those words.

General Meeting
The 1st General Meeting was held on 15th April 2001 at No. 1, Jalan Delaila, Taman Merdeka, Ipoh. Thirty Five (35) members were present and Thiru Arumugam Sunthararajoo was elected as the President of the society.

Submission of Application For Registration

An application was submitted to the Registrar Of Societies, Perak on 1st June 2001. After submission the society encountered some technical problems and this delayed the approval. The President requested for an appointment with the Registrar Of Societies , Malaysia at Putrajaya. The appointment was fixed on 3rd September 2002. The President met the Registrar and surprisingly he was curious to know about the Divine Guru. The President then showed the photo of the Guru. He gazed at the photo for sometime and assured that a favourable reply will be sent as soon as possible.

Letter Of Approval

A letter dated 2nd October 2002 was received together with the Registration Certificate back dated to 12th September 2002 bearing the Registration No 1244/02.

Application For Land
An application for a area of 17,600 sq.ft of land was submitted to the Land Office Ipoh, on 21st October 2002 and also a copy of the application was extended to the Menteri Besar Perak (Chief Minister) for  his kind consideration. This reserve land is located at Laluan Sg.Pari 4, Teluk Kruin ‘B’ Buntong, Ipoh. The application was monitored by the President for 2 1/2 years and finally when the file reached the office of the Director of Land and Mines Perak , he rejected it by saying that it is an open field and forwarded it to the Exco Meeting for their necessary action which was to be chaired by the Chief Minister of Perak.
The President upon hearing that the application was rejected, he prostrated before the Guru asking for his blessing to secure the land for the Miruthiga Brindavanam. Within two (2) weeks the land was approved and everyone in the society was overjoyed thus a miracle was peformed by the Saint Of Mantralayam.
The trustees of the society, Mr.S.Jeyaraman PPT, and Mr.N.S.Maniam J.P. played a vital role in securing the land. The land title was received on 19th October, 2006.

Building Plans Of Brindavanam
Plans have been submitted in accordance with the Building Law to the relevant authorities for the necessary approval. The single storey building of the Brindavanam measures 115ft in length and 45ft in width.  

Artist Impression Of The Brindavanam
The artist impression can be viewed at our website:

The Cost Of The Brindavanam

The overall cost of the Brindavanam itself has been estimated to RM800,000.00. However due to the current price fluctuation of the construction materials at the moment, it is very uncertain to predict the actual cost. The commencement of the construction shall take place right after the Boomi Pooja ( Ground Breaking Pooja) which is expected to be held in the Hindu’s auspicious month of
 Thai (15th Jan – 15th Feb).

Contributions Towards The Brindavanam Project

The society sincerely welcomes contributions in any form for the building fund.
Kindly channel your donations to :


The management of the society would like to express their sincere gratitude in advance to all the donors who have participated in making this project a success.

           Silver Brindavanam

Silver Brindavanam For The Society

In April 2006 the President went to Mantralayam and with the help of Thiru Raghavendra Rao place an order for a silver Brindavanam measuring 1 foot in height.
When it was ready in November, Thiru Thayalan went to Mantralayam to receive it.
The Silver Brindavanam was placed in front of the Moola Brindavanam and a Pooja was performed by a High Priest. It was blessed and wrapped in a saffron silk and was instructed not to be opened until it reached its destination in Malaysia.
During the Aradhana Vizha, Abhishegam will be done to the sacred Silver Brindavanam.
Once the Mirthikha Brindavanam building is completed, this sacred Silver Brindavanam will be placed there.

Clearing of the Land

The members of the society went in full swing to clear the land. A contractor was also hired to level the area. The management approached some construction companies who volunteered to supply earth to backfill the land. Within two (2) months about two hundred (200) lorry loads of earth were sent to the site. The land was compacted to the required level.

                                       Before clearing

                                      work in progress

                                        Final result